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A new romanian electric car, Evolio City Q2

A Romanian start-up Evolio recently launched in Bucharest a new electric car model, perfect for the city: Q2 and Q2+. The model is very economical, perfect for anyone who lives in the city. Apart from others electric cars, Evolio also launched other types of vehicles on the Romanian market, such as vans, minibuses, golf carts, scooters and bicycles, all electric.

The Evolio City Q2 car can be bought for only 4,999 euros, the lowest price on the market. It is the cheapest and most economical electric car in Romania, with two seats, which can fit into almost any space and on any public road.

Perfect for short and medium distances, environmentally friendly, the electric car can be driven even with category B1, i.e. from 16 years old!
The minimum operating costs involve both the service part, which is minimal due to the lack of some classic mechanical components, as well as maintenance such as: changing filters, changing oil, replacing the timing belt, replacing the spark plugs and the list can go on.

Q2 offers a capacity of 2 seats, a ground clearance of 160 mm and a maximum speed of 35 or 45 km/h. The gearbox is automatic and the engine has a maximum power of 4.4 KW and 6.5 KW respectively.

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